четверг, 11 марта 2010 г.

pros and cons of student discounts

Pros and cons of student discounts.

Each of us has listen about what students from different universities or uniersitys offered
discounts for different trips. But whether or not to accept such trips if you really do not know what awaits you there.
The only advantage that I see in these discounts is that you have a real opportunity to visit those places where you always wanted to visit. Yes it is indeed tempting because it is so interesting see the world.
But the cons are much greater. For example did you know in what conditions you will go to the place of your dreams? Are you ready to fly that you are in the plane of the lowest class? For there you can not even sleep properly I am not talking about where in the country of your dreams you see your ad. Vryatle it would be a good hotel. After this trip, I think this country is no longer you will find a fabulous ranshe.Nu what was and what then can go on such discounts if their memory is only one negative.
I think it is better to wait for that moment when you can go without any discounts to any country and then you will certainly not regret it.

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