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Film review

August Rush (2007)

August Rush was directed by Kirsten Sheridan .
Recently I looked very charming and a good movie. His name August Rush. This is a melodrama with a nice start and a good ending. The film tells how a simple met guitarist and a famous violinist, who immediately fell in love. But because of the circumstances they had to leave her. And their small son goes to a local shelter.
After 12 years, their son escapes from the orphanage with only one idea to find them. He constantly hears music, as if to Score leads him to his parents. Throughout the film he gets to different people, and for good and for bad. But eventually people notice his talent, his ability to sochenyat music. And thanks to his music, his parents are already vryatli they ever parted.
I think that everyone should see this movie, because it is a very beautiful love story, and in this film a lot of good music

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