воскресенье, 17 января 2010 г.

A new exhibition in a gallery

Recently, I visited the opening of the new gallery. There was exhibited many works of different artists. It was a very Interestingly, because I learned a lot.
In all places of this gallery we drove guide. He is very well described the creation of each of these masterpieces. They also talked a bit about the artists. Most of all I liked the room where the paintings were exhibited with mirrors, because in the reflection you could see yourself. In this gallery there were so many halls, but we managed to pass all. It was amazing! Each hall told us his story. Turning down a long corridor from one room to another was conceived and what will happen next?
When we went somewhere half the rooms, waiting for us syurpris. The creator of this gallery, made a speech and told a lot Interestingly, he then wished us a pleasant view and further away. The rest of the rooms we watched with such interest as the LS before. Everybody interesting that still guide and tell us what will happen next.
In the end I want to say that everyone should visit this kind of picture, because it develops us culturally and spiritually.

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